CityChurch exists so all people can believe and thrive in Christ. And for over 26 years we have provided a safe community of grace for seekers and skeptics, for agnostics and atheists, for people who are torn and for people who are broken, for people who feel far from God and for people who feel close to God ad many of them have believed and are thriving in Christ. 

When we first started our Saturday service back in 2000, we did it to provide more space on Sunday for spiritual investigators who were new to church or didn’t get church. Because people who are new to church typically show up on Sunday. So we asked our core people to sacrifice what they would prefer to do for the sake of the people we wanted to reach. And so many people did that. They rearranged their whole weekend so we could more effectively reach the unchurched. And it made a great difference. 

Over the past year or so, we have navigated one of the most challenging seasons in our church’s history. As a result, our attendance has changed and our attendance patterns have changed. Many of our core, mature believers attend Saturdays while most of the people who are new come on Sundays. And that means some of our most spiritually mature attenders are not normally getting a chance to rub shoulders with the seekers, skeptics and new believers. We believe they need to rub shoulders to courageously connect.

To accomplish this vision, we will stop providing Saturday services in a couple of weeks on July 28th. We need to gather as ONE movement on ONE day. We are asking our Saturday night folks to rearrange their schedule to join us on Sundays so they can help us connect with the unchurched and to mentor them and help them get healed up and built up.

See One, Serve One, Invite One

As we move from Saturday to Sunday, Pastor Brent has asked that we See One, Serve One, and Invite One.

See One Service

You can worship at CityChurch at our regular Sunday service times - 8:30a, 10a, 11:30a, and 1p. If you normally go to Saturday because of your schedule we will also have a Facebook Live stream of our 10a service every Sunday morning as well as our services archived on our website!

Serve at One Service

Part of courageously connecting is serving alongside others. You can serve at any service on Sunday and in many different roles, from KidCity to Facilities, Parking and Ethos Cafe. Just click on the button below to sign up for a volunteer opportunity.

Invite One to Service

We all have someone we've been meaning to ask, and what better time than the beginning of the school season? Invite someone to service. In the coming weeks, we'll make it even easier to get the word out, but nothing is more motivating than a friend's face-to-face invite to experience God's love in their life!