We Radically Love

Jesus commands His followers to Love God and Love people. Loving God means we pursue a personal relationship with Jesus and commit to following His teachings. Loving people means we care for all people with grace and truth, welcoming and embracing them no matter who they are or what they’ve done.

We Courageously Connect

Jesus encourages us to come together and live in close relationship with other people. When we connect with others to do life in circles, we built meaningful communities where we can thrive together. We cannot find freedom alone so we courageously connect.

We Passionately Serve

Jesus calls His followers to give their lives away for the sake of others. He wants us to see beyond ourselves and tangibly demonstrate compassion to those in need, especially the most vulnerable among us. We serve not out of obligation, but out of love.

We Sacrificially Give

Jesus desires us to be generous with our finances because He is generous with everything. All we have belongs to Him! So we give beyond what is comfortable as an act of faith, trusting that God will provide for our needs and use what we give to serve His purpose.